What’s Brewing? Four Fascinating Facts About Indian Coffee That You Never Knew

By Shireen Gupta

Coffee. A simple six letter word. A comfort for many, a necessity for others. Even if your day has been a little bitter, a piping hot cup of coffee is enough to warm up your soul and heal thy self. It’s like a bear hug in a cup. Those who sustain themselves on coffee, develop an attachment to it. So much so, that it forces them to look into the drink and find better versions of it

While there are coffee connoisseurs in India, the lack of knowledge on the subject leads people to only believe in instant coffee. Even though tea is more popular amongst Indian masses, most people are oblivious to the fact that Indian coffee is one of the best in foreign markets.  Here are some more interesting facts about Indian coffee that you ought to know.

the major varieties of Indian coffee

coffee beans in a cup

The two major types of coffee produced in India also happen to be the most commonly consumed types worldwide. India produces Arabica and Robusta in abundance.

Arabica is native to Ethiopia, having an acidic and aged flavour. Whereas, Robusta is native to Africa and has a nutty flavour.

history of coffee in india

history of indian coffee infographic

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The very first noted history of Indian coffee dates back to 17th century AD, when a Sufi saint by the name of Baba Budan had planted ‘Seven seeds’ of ‘Mocha’ in the grounds of his residence.

For years after the planting, the beans weren’t given any importance. It was in the 18th century that British businessmen commercialised the bean as a beverage.

how much indian coffee is exported?

south indian filter coffee

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I would depress some Indian coffee connoisseurs as I state the fact that almost 75% of the coffee produced in India is exported.

But the large amounts of exportation won’t come as a surprise to the keen observer. Most Indians consume instant coffee that is not produced in India. Also, there are only a few companies that sell Indian gourmet coffee on a wide commercial scale.

how the world ranks indian coffee

Indian filter coffee power

In 2009, India was the 13th largest producer of coffee. In this trade, the cost price of the coffee sold was $258,047.

However, most of the coffee produced in India is shipped off to Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, United States, Japan, Greece, Netherlands, France and Italy.

Indian coffee is a thing of pure delicacy. However, when compared to instant coffee, the consumption of local coffee is not only more delectable but also a way of supporting local farmers. Although it may take you a bit more effort to locate local coffee, it certainly is worth every minute put into its hunt down.


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