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10 Famous Indian Authors And Their Most Commendable Works

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Writing, to many, has been a form of escapism but the art of writing is only granted to a few in perfect form. The time and dedication this art requires is beyond estimation and those who truly admire it, persevere in their craft.

Only a few are devouts of the dedication and only a few out of those dedicated come out the other end with something extraordinary, here are the 10 famous Indian authors who made the creation of extraordinary a career.

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Ruskin Bond

Famous Indian Author Ruskin Bond

Image: Kindlemag

Probably recognized as the most adored Indian writer with a sense of good endings, Ruskin Bond had a way into every child’s book and heart.

Notable works:

  • The Night Train At Deoli
  • The Blue Umbrella
  • Susanna’s Seven Husbands
  • The Woman On Platform No. 8
  • The Trouble With Jinns

arundhati roy

Famous Indian Author Arundhati Roy

Image: Dawn

Her debut novel “The God of Small Things” took the world by storm, getting her the Booker Prize in 1997. While she went on to write a host of non fiction books post that, her second novel “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” would only be published in 2017. That is 20 years after her first novel

Notable works:

  • The God of Small Things
  • The End of Imagination
  • Kashmir: The Case of Freedom

Kunal Basu

Famous Indian Author Kunal Basu

Image: Sushmita Basu

Arguably one of the most brilliant minds of our time. Kunal Basu’s work captures human emotions in a raw and candid manner.

Notable works:

  • The Japanese Wife
  • The Miniaturist

R.K. Narayan

Famous Indian Author RK Narayan

Image: BBC

Narayan wrote peaceful harmonies of rustic and elite stories, an ability only a very few can perfect.

Notable Works:

  • A Town Called Malgudi
  • A Writer’s Nightmare
  • Reluctant Guru
  • Malgudi Days

Rabindranath Tagore

Famous Indian Author Rabindranath Tagore

Image: India Today

Tagore is casually known as the godfather of every striving art student in West Bengal. His works have been critically praised and it is no mystery why.

Notable works:

  • Gitanjali
  • The Postmaster
  • The Home And The World

Mrinal Pande

Famous Indian Author Mrinal Pande

Image: Outlook India

The former chief editor of Hindustan Times and one of the best non-fiction writers India has seen, Pande incorporates hard hitting facts in her books in the most wonderful ways.

Notable works:

  • Girls
  • Stepping Out, Life And Sexuality In Rural India
  • The Other Country

Vikram Chandra

Famous Indian Author Vikram Chandra

Image: Livemint

Chandra can be noted as one of the very few writers to acknowledge the underworld in Mumbai and actually being fearless in fictionalizing the reality.

Notable works:

  • Sacred Games
  • Love And Longing In Bombay

Kiran Desai

Famous Indian Author Kiran Desai

Image: Polkacafe

Winner of the 2006 Man Booker Prize and rightfully so. Desai’s writing has a uniqueness that can’t quite be compared with anyone else’s style.

Notable works:

  • The Inheritance Of Loss
  • Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard

Nissim Ezekiel

Famous Indian Author Nissim Ezekiel

Image: Tabletmag

A poet who broke myths of cultural norms with poems that spoke of unorthodoxy in each and every stanza. Ezekiel was a rare creature of his time, even when he broke philosophical understandings, he did so with great beauty.

Notable works:

  • Enterprise
  • Night Of The Scorpion
  • Philosophy

Vikram Seth

Famous Indian Author Vikram Seth

Image: Theglobalcalcuttan

Seth has written poems, fiction, non-fiction and it is really surprising to find out that he excels at all he ventures out to accomplish.

Notable works:

  • The Frog And The Nightingale
  • From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang And Tibet
  • A Suitable Boy

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