Five talented young singers who will surely add music in your life.

Music is something that people choose to go with when they want entertainment and relaxation. It is something that is not only worshiped by the musicians and singers who practice it but also by their true aficionado.  We all have our songs and these songs are the ones that we choose to listen whenever there is a special kind of occasion in our lives. We listen to songs when we are sad, in love, emotional about a particular relation or phase in our lives and most importantly in every celebration.  All credits go to singers who have made their presence with their Sweet and Skillful Voice.

When the Perfect Singers, meet with outstanding Composers then the magic of Composition goes on. has their scintillating vocals. So here are 5 astonishing singers of Jaipur who will surely make our pink-city proud and some of them will be your favorite too.


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Aashreya Baweja, a western vocalist is a personality full of life. The vibe she throws satisfies one’s soul and fills it up with liveliness. She has made the Jaipur go sway with her songs dipped in cuteness and scintillating vocals. As she belongs to a family with the artistic background, music means a lot to her and gives her peace and satisfaction than any other thing can’t give. She further added that her goal is to learn music at its core and make everyone proud!


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“Music is in my veins more than blood is.” says another Sufi singer Tanmay Verma who has a charm in his voice all different than others. Watching his mother’s keen interest towards music but her inability to grow in it, he surely did set his goals of a singer. He believes that music has the power to do what words cannot. Be it anger, frustration or sadness, music has a cure for them all. He further added More than myself, I sing to see those happy faces of my listeners”

aakarsh baweja 

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Aakarsh Baweja, a singer, a music director and a music composer, this formidable person from Jaipur is no less than a star. From his soulful voice to his chivalrous attitude, everything has helped him climb the stairs to his ultimate success. Aakarsh wanted to do something really different in his early teens. Amidst the explore hunt, his satisfaction was achieved through music which kicked him to start his musical journey. Despite the difficulties and struggle in this field, he managed to make a place in everyone’s heart.

bhavya bissa

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The talented classical and Sufi singer, Bhavya Bissa is one who wanted to do music, be music and live in music. He is a man full of passion and high goals. Being a person who dreams with eyes open, he has started chasing his love for music is indeed a singing perfect manner. In his childhood, while seeing his dad playing music, he developed his likeliness towards the field of music and further added that music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.


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Gautam Gupta, not really a crazy metal head by looks but he surely plays and sings it really well. Along with that charm and the strumming of his guitar, he can steal all the hearts around in a jiffy. Gautam is so deeply engrossed in music that it became his living. Music is as necessary as breathing for him. “My frustration is what gives births to my music. Although, when I create it, I lose all my anxiety and trouble and fall into a place so melodious which makes me rise,” he said.

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