10 Awesome Food Places of Jaipur Only ’90s Kids Would Remember

There’s no denying the fact that the 90’s kids had the best childhood. We literally had the best of everything, be it the music, the cartoons that we watched, or the food we had.

Those weekend brunches with family or the little outings with dad might be still fresh in your memory. Family dinners at the best and renowned restaurants of Jaipur helped you boast how cool you were in front of school friends. If you’re from Jaipur, we bet you still remember these amazing cafes and eateries, everyone has visited at least once.


Niros At M. I. Raod, Jaipur

Niros At M. I. Road, Jaipur

Niros was the best place to hog non-veg in the town, after watching those amazing SRK movies at Rajmandir on weekends. The soft-cooked and spicy laal maas lingered on our taste buds long after the visit.

Moreover, the good old colonial feel of the place had a different aura.

Bombay misthan bhandar

Chole Bhature At Bombay Misthan Bhandar Jaipur

Chole Bhature At Bombay Misthan Bhandar

Bombay Misthan Bhandar used to be a favorite among all class of people. The chole-bhature from the restaurant were a must order dish alongside the masala dosa. And the refreshing lassi used to be the perfect treat to end the meal.

The sweets that came home from BMB, on every Diwali & Holi were probably a reason behind why we’re all sweet-toothed.

Sharma DhabA

Sharma Dhaba Jaipur

Sharma Dhaba

The name itself reminds us of the delicious mawa parantha from this place. This was the destination for scrumptious dhaba food with quality and quantity.

This place used to be a stop-way for most of us while on a highway trip for lip-smacking, belly-bulging food. (They use so much ghee and butter, OMG! It’s heavenly!)

Guddu Icecream

Kesar Pista Kulfi At Guddu Icecream

Kesar Pista Kulfi At Guddu Icecream /Maps Of India

Weren’t those days the best when dad used to feel nostalgic about his childhood, and drive us to Guddu for a treat after dinner? (Yes, the place is this old!)

The place used to be super crowded most of the times, but we all managed to get our favorite Rabri Falooda and the kulfi quickly from here. Did we give you some serious ice cream cravings now?

Aunty’s Cafe

Aunty's Cafe at C-scheme in Jaipur

Aunty’s Cafe, C-scheme

This shabby little roadside cafe was a heaven for foodies after school/college! From birthday treats to result celebration (if we were lucky enough to pass) were celebrated with friends here. The pav bhaji from this place was and is still a treat to die for.

Surya Mahal

Surya Mahal Restaurant in Jaipur

Surya Mahal Restaurant, Jaipur

Eating at Surya Mahal used to be a very big thing for us during childhood. Probably, most of had our first pizzas and burgers here instead of the now mushrooming fast food chains.

A gem for vegetarians, this place served every type of cuisine we needed back then. The tasty Rajasthani food reminded us of the one our grandmas cooked for us. And who can forget the delicious scoops of ice creams at Jal Mahal right next to it!

Kiran Cafe

South Indian Dosa with chutney

3 Feet Long Family Dosa at Kiran Cafe

What started as a delicious ice-cream affair for our parents, turned into a beautiful cafe by the time we grew up.

Now defunct, Kiran Cafe used to be one of the most popular stop in Jaipur for fast food. The special 3 feet long family dosa, later accompanied by the delicious rabri and kulfi made family outings to zoo or Albert Hall just perfect.


Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar in Jaipur

Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar , Jaipur

Long dreadful shopping sessions in the city with mum seemed fruitful as we stepped into LMB with her. The biggest confusion at that age for most of us was, whether to go for thali or the ever favorite combo of pyaaz kachori and lassi.

The place used to be super crowded at any given hour and it’s popularity among the foreign tourists was huge.

Grand Chanakya

Grand Chanakya in Jaipur

Grand Chanakya

The taste of Navaratna Korma from Grand Chanakya might be still fresh in our memories, all thanks to the variety of dry fruits present in it! The royal feel of this place used to make us go gaga every time someone in the family mentioned plans to eat here.

As kids, the thing that we loved the most here, were the tiny towels that turned into big towels upon pouring hot water. (BRB! My inner kid’s taking me to Chanakya)

Neelam Dhabha

Neelam Dhabha in Jaipur

Neelam Dhabha

This place has, no doubt, fed many a hungry students running on low budget with tasty food. This used to be the dinner destination, on every Sunday, when the mess was closed.

Moreover, the welcoming owners of the Dhaba made us feel good every time we were there.

Did we miss out on something? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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