6 Ways To Grow Your Store Sales This Wedding Season

By MyShopUp
Whether you run an offline mom-and-pop retail shop or sell your stuff on social media, everyone looks forward to getting more sales during the festive months of the year.

The big fat wedding season, the time of the year when sellers do most of their business, is finally upon us. Whether you run an offline mom-and-pop retail shop or sell your stuff on social media, everyone looks forward to getting more sales during the festive months of the year.

While the cash crunch following RBI’s demonetization scheme has put a minor break in the splurge, it has emphasised the importance of brands go digital and set up an online presence even more. With the market bound to improve and normalize as the cash flow resumes, here are few top tricks you can use to amplify your sales:

Set Up Your Own Webstore (Get it for FREE here)

grow store sales with free website

Selling stuff online just by sharing product images on social media platforms is too passé, and maybe a little unprofessional. However, the great news is that you can now set up your own online webstore with complete e-commerce like functionalities, and that too for free.


With tech-platform MyShopUp!

MyShopUp is a simple and easy to use free android application where anybody can start their e-commerce business and sell directly to customers. Integrated with Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp, it helps you generate more traffic on the website.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

grow store sales by sending automated updates

Active engagement with potential customers on social media is one of the best ways to can increase your brand awareness and sales. Posting and broadcasting on Facebook and WhatsApp groups is a sure-shot way of increasing sales online.

With MyShopUp app, you can automatically broadcast your new products and other store updates to your customers.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

grow store sales with multiple payment options

The need for sellers to have this service cannot be empahsised more than right now. By providing as many payment options as possible, you’ll make it easier for potential customers to give you their money.

By setting up your shop on MyShopUp, you get an easy access to integrated payment gateway system.

Offer Incredible Customer Support & Get Reviews

grow store sales by getting customer feedback and reviews

When it comes to responding to customer queries; the faster you are, the better. Also, this is the time where every customer is in a hurry and expects to receive the orders on or before time. A little delay may cost you more than you think. Efficient and timely delivery of orders with frequent and timely order updates is the key to gain happy customers. Make sure that your packaging, shipping and delivery processes are smooth.

With MyShopUp, you can send automated order updates to your customers and the app also follows up with customers to collect reviews on your behalf!

Keep Your Stocks Ready

grow store sales by managing orders

Keeping your inventory well stocked is the best thing you can do at this time of the year. Be ready for a spike in order volume and make sure that you don’t lose a customer just because your inventory was not in place.

Invest in High Quality Product Images

grow store sales with better product photography

Image: Sharon Duffin

Appearances are really important when it comes to how people perceive things. This stands true to reason that high quality product images will definitely gain you more customers as compared to poorly photographed products. Hire a professional photographer and try to include a shot taken from every angle. Make sure that the shots are well lit.

There Is A Lot More To Selling Online Than Just Sharing Images


Myshopup’s vision is to help sellers belonging to any niche of business embark on the online business journey without having to worry about the technical know-how or cost of setting up a website.

All they need to do is download the app, login with Facebook, upload product images and tadaaaa!!

Your online webstore (yes, with your own brandname) is up and running.

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For more details visit www.myshopup.com


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