5 Healthy Food Joints in Jaipur That Promise To Keep You Fit

By Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

We’ve all tried eating healthy, but we majorly fail at it!

Obviously who’d take the pain of chopping veggies, cutting fruits, drinking the tasteless juices and spend hours in the shopping aisle, searching for healthy food, when you’re surrounded by tempting instant noodles and all the junk food.

Moreover, we aren’t familiar with many places that would provide us with healthy food in Jaipur. No worry guys!

We’re here to take you out of this trouble and we’ve spent hours searching for the limited but best options, serving healthy food in Jaipur.

Frooce – The Juice Bar

Cold-pressed Juices at Frooce Cold-pressed Juices are the newest trend

Frooce has two outlets in Jaipur to keep you rejuvenated! They not only serve amazing cold-pressed juices, but crunchy salads and drool-worthy fruit popsicles.

The popsicles, also known as frooce pops here are a total win-win. They are a sure shot answer to your ice-cream cravings, only healthier and sugar-free.¬†Beautifully arranged fruits frozen in healthy mix-fruit juice not only look super appealing, but you’d definitely fall in love with the taste.

The prices are on a higher side, but when you get pure unadulterated juices, you won’t mind paying for them!

Anokhi Cafe


Anokhi Cafe in Jaipur Vegan Salad from Anokhi

This organic cafe in the heart of the city, is a well known place among the health junkies.

Self-grown vegetables are used here, which, as a result are free from pesticides and other chemicals widely used to grow crops these days. The hard work they put in to grow these crops for us definitely reflect their passion to feed healthy. Believe us when we say that the salads here are to die for.

The cozy and welcoming environment of this place adds to it’s value!


Healthy Breakfast At OTHHealthy Breakfast At OTH

This place is a gem. we’re sure most of you have visited this place and would be questioning our categorization of it under healthy food joints. We get your point, but you’ll get ours when you’ll try their amazing breakfast menu. We’re such fans of their eggs. They’re perfectly cooked and so tempting.

And if you’re a gym freak, they have protein shakes for you! *we saw that grin on your face*

The Juice Shop

The Juice Shop in JaipurDetox Juices At The Juice Shop

We’ve found the easy way to detoxify your body. The Juice Shop detox subscription plans are worth every penny spent. Cold press juices are a way healthier option for your body rather than the sugar doused juices commonly available which we drink with pride.

They not only serve one of the best juices, but equally good smoothies to help you manage your health.

Moreover they let you customize your drink according to your taste and allergy preference or other health needs.


Peanut Salad At TGIOPeanut Salad At TGIO

TGIO claims to be Jaipur’s first online green cafe. They serve only vegetarian food and deliver their healthy dishes to your doorsteps. The prices are quite considerate and they serve amazing portion sizes-enough for two people.Our personal favorite is the hero sandwich and the peanut salad.

They use fresh, organically grown vegetables in preparing the food. The menu sure has limited food items, but it is very well designed so as to serve only healthy food to their customers.

A law student turned food/ fashion blogger owing to the love of food, writing and photography and the *huge disinterest* in studying. Check out @thefoodiepanda on Instagram to tickle your taste buds, @thevoguishpanda for some quick fashion fix.

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