Here Are 6 Aspiring YouTubers From Jaipur You Must Subscribe To!

Needless to say, YouTube is becoming a marvel among the youth of the country and the aftermath of it’s boom is felt throughout the country. People from all age groups engage in the fun that YouTube is, from making makeup tutorial videos to teaching math on channels, this platform has it all. According to statistics, the number of active channels in India are about 20,000 and the number increases every day. The gush is reshaping content and viewership and creating a whole new world of fans and sensations.

Jaipur is one of the cities which has felt the growth of YouTube and it’s boom in first-hand. Youth and the middle aged group is enjoying creating content and spending hours binge watching YouTube for series, vines, tutorial videos and what not. Here are 5 budding YouTubers from Jaipur who are just as talented and learning about what the audience enjoys watching :

  • The Vanity Culture

Ashlesha Ahluwalia aka The Vanity Culture is a beauty and travel enthusiast from Jaipur with a subscriber count of 428. With about 30 videos on her channel, her videos are mainly about beauty, makeup, fashion hauls, travel vlogs and product reviews. Her first video was uploaded about 10 months ago with about 800 views. Cheers to girl power!

  • Avneet Singh

Avneet Singh from Jaipur is another YouTuber from Jaipur with an amazing subscriber count of 13,531. His channel has about 27 videos and are focused on vines and his genre being humour/comedy. He also writes for other YouTubers in the country. He posted his first video about an year ago that got about 3.7k views, whooping number, right?

  • Muskan Karnawat

Muskan from Jaipur is yet another beauty and fashion enthusiast who started her channel about 9 months ago and her first video received love and a total of 2k views. Her channel majorly channels her interest in fashion, makeup and a hint of travel. Muskan has about 175 followers and 7 videos, you go girl!

  • BhaiBhaiTV

BhaiBhaiTV aka Vaibhav Sharma and Kunal Dutt run their channel BhaiBhaiTV with 4726 subscribers and have 13 videos posted on their channel. SO the boys create vines and play pranks with the motto of seeking a new way to impress and make people laugh. More power to you boys.

  • Jeet Ki whisky

The channel Jeet Ki Whisky is run by Jeet Shastri, a young boy from Jaipur who started his YouTube career in 2013. With a subscriber count of 5338, Jeet’s channel depicts humor in the everyday life of an Indian. Nothing better we can relate to, right?

  • Gargi Gupta

This 19 year old girl from Jaipur is a French tutor on YouTube and her channel is called ‘Let’s Frenchify’. In less than a year, Gargi uploaded 9 videos and has about 80 subscribers. Here is to the easier way if learning French step by step, Merci beaucoup, Gargi!



We definitely are proud of these youngsters trying their hands on YouTube, cheers to the youth and their splendid talent.

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