Have You Tried This Cafe In Jaipur That Serves Fusion Food?

Sick of all the cafes serving the basic food and drinks with nothing special? Tired of all this mundane cafe hopping?

Jaipur rains call for a beautiful rooftop with excellent hot food.  And we’ve found an amazing solution to these basic food related problems of you.

This beautiful rooftop and indoor cafe in Jaipur, not only serves great fusion food but an equally amazing view.  Situated at main Tonk Road, Hitbhuk Mitbhuk is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Jaipur in terms of uniqueness.

The Serene View

The Beautiful View From The Rooftop

The cafe is divided into three sections, the indoor cafe, perfect to stay in during summer afternoons.The second being the beautiful rooftop and the third being the private high deck which can be booked by couples to enjoy some quality time.

The rooftop provides a 360-degree view of Jaipur. From the front side, one can watch the cyclist practicing at SMS Stadium. The view of the Amer Fort is equally exquisite. From the back side of the cafe, one can easily locate the Shiv Temple and The Birla Mandir with the mountain ranges on the back side.

The view gets even better during the night. One can see the beautifully lit up Motisons Tower and the traffic trail at Rambagh circle.

Messy is beautiful

Chocolate Brownie Monster

We mean it when we say that this place serves the messiest shakes in Jaipur!

And not just the messiest, but the tastiest and most beautiful too.  These super thick shakes are so loaded and drool worthy. The various flavors that they serve are the Chocolate Marshmallow, Bubble Gum, and Chocolate Brownie Monster.

The one unusually weird and tasty shake that you’ll stumble across in their menu is the Popcorn Freakshake. These freakshakes are worth every penny spent on them. Plus, they’re so worth showing off on your Instagram.

Did You Say Pizza?

The Largest And Cheesiest Pizza In Jaipur

Hitbhuk Mitbhuk not only serves the largest pizza in town but also the tastiest one!

With three types of cheese, million types of veggies, and pasta as the pizza topping on thin crust, The Solar System Pizza is ah-mazing! This pizza alone contains almost 500 gms of cheese and the toppings range from spicy jalapenos to soothing sweet corns.

You’ll need at least 3 people to finish this fabulous pizza.

The Foodddd

Pasta Bhel

Didn’t we already mention that this place serves some fascinating fusion food?

You talk about Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Mexican, Chinese, they know the art of fusing everything and anything to perfection. Some of the famous fusion dishes here are the Ola Mexichina which is continental style sauteed vegetables with Schezwan noodles on a Mexican bean rice base. The Pasta Bhel is another much-loved dish with Crispy noodles topped on Pasta that is cooked in Indian Spices. If you’re someone who loves simple food, cooked to perfection, don’t miss out the Butter Tossed Rice With Sauteed Vegetables.

It has rice cooked in garlic butter and layered with a wide variety of roasted spicy sauteed vegetables.

The menu 

Arpit Poddar Experimenting With The Drinks

The huge menu of this cafe contains a ton of dishes and drinks that the owner, Arpit Poddar has made on impulse.

For his love for food, he sits with the hospitality team of this cafe and tries to add as many new and unique dishes in the menu as he can. He has mastered the art of mixing and fusing things to make some of the best drinks you’ll ever have in Jaipur.

The Black Apple Mojito is one such drink with blackberry, apple, mint, lemon, and soda that one should not miss out. Such personalized drinks and dishes in the menu here ensure the best of taste!


Hitbhuk Mitbhuk

Location: SB-54-C, Above Gauri Ke Gahne, Near Rambagh Crossing, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

Phone: 0141 3319277


Pictures By : Atul Vijay


A law student turned food/ fashion blogger owing to the love of food, writing and photography and the *huge disinterest* in studying. Check out @thefoodiepanda on Instagram to tickle your taste buds, @thevoguishpanda for some quick fashion fix.

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