5 Amazing Ice Cream Joints in Jaipur To Keep You Cool This Summer

Summers are here! And it can only mean one thing: Ice-cream. And loads of it. Well, its not like we avoid them in winters but in summers you can eat them everyday. In fact, there are lots of new ice cream joints in Jaipur that offer freshly made ice creams.

And trust me, they are way better than the factory made ones. Imagine, having that bite of ice-cream in your mouth. The fresh flavors on your tongue and the coolness running through your body. Craving loads of ice-cream already? Rush to these ice-cream joints in Jaipur and satisfy your craving, now.

ISCREAM social

Iscream Social Jaipur

Nitrogen Ice-cream At Iscream Social

Iscream Social is famous for it’s innovative nitrogen ice-creams. You’d love watching your ice-cream being prepared here.

This cute, small and vibrant place has some nicely done interiors and all in all, amazing vibes. The quirky and colorful furniture along with the cute hanging light-bulbs will make ice-cream eating, twice the fun. The signature ice-creams from this place are simply excellent and the sorbets will make you crave for more. Easily one of the best ice cream joints in Jaipur.

Location: G-8, Neelkanth Tower, Near MGF Mall, C Scheme

Guddu Ice cream

Kesar Pista Kulfi At Guddu Icecream

Kesar Pista Kulfi At Guddu Ice-Cream/Maps Of India

The ice-cream parlor we’ve all been going to religiously, since we were kids. They serves soft serves as different fixed flavors for each day of the week. And apart from the soft serves, their falooda is just amazing.

Owing to it’s popularity, this place is always crowded with people from all age groups and there’s usually a lot of traffic in front of this small shop. But don’t let that stop you from being part of the same crowd to enjoy the delicious ice-creams and softys.

Location: Shop 88 A, Near Ajmeri Gate, Nehru Bazaar, Yadgar Gali, MI Road


ice-Cream rolls

Ice Cream Rolls/Jaykaro

Are you a fan of ice-cream rolls? If yes, Creamist is the perfect place to land to. And if not, give the amazing rolls at Creamist a shot and we bet, you’ll be a fan!

They start with the basic ingredients, milk and flavoring agent. Further, they use dry ice to shape the ice-creams. The way they scrape the ice-cream to form rolls could pass as a magic trick. The chilled platform and the mechanical working of the gloved hands is a delight to watch.

Location: MZ Floor, World Trade Park, Malviya Nagar

Natural Ice-Cream

Natural Ice-Cream

Ice-Cream At Naturals

Are you tired of the artificial, synthetic and overly sweet ice-creams from the market? Looking for healthier alternatives? We have it sorted out for you!

Naturals serves creamy and tasty ice-creams totally made out of real fruits. As a result, it is free from all the artificial sweetening agents. Consequently, the ice-creams are tastier and healthier. At the same time, the decor of this ice-cream parlor is truly amazing!

Location: A 5, Ground Floor, Suryavanshi Pearl, Sarder Patel Marg, C Scheme

Jalmahal Ice-Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Joints in Jaipru - Jal Mahal Ice-cream Parlor

Ice-cream Sundae At Jal Mahal/Mumbai Ki Chokri

This place has sweet memories of childhood. Days when we’d rush here to have a scoop of our favorite ice-creams after a lunch at the one of the many places at MI Road.

In fact, most of the times we didn’t even have to cry like a baby in front of our parents, as they’d take us here already. Because it was there favorite place too. Most of their flavors have some uniqueness that is nowhere to be found in any ice-cream brands. In the same way, their sundaes are out of the world.

Location: Shop No. 85, MI Road, Near Panch Batti


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