10 Indian Art Forms That Are On The Verge of Extinction Part-2

By Disha Kameldeep

Here are a few more Indian art forms that have been ornamental to our culture but are biting the dust now

Art is a puissant medium that has carried forward the legacy and traditions and made its culture and heritage more diverse. But despite various attempts by its patrons, some of these traditional Indian art forms are fading away. Here are a few more art forms that have been ornamental to our culture but are biting the dust now.

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Chamba Rumal

Indian Art Form Chamba Rumal Image: Wikipedia

The chamba rumal art form belongs to the region of Himachal Pradesh and is created using the dohara tanka technique. The technique uses double silk satin stitches to create colorful miniatures that are distinctly visible even from a distance of 10 ft.  The chamba rumal is symmetrically embroidered on both sides and lost its royal patronage after Indian Independence. It was registered in March 2010 but the art form is still fading away.

Tappa Music

The semi classical vocal music finds its roots in the folk songs recited by the camel riders of Punjab. It is based on an intricate composition of voice notes and its novel beauty has been lost over time as it passed down generations. The new-fangled generations are less willing and inadequately skilled to carry on the vocal tradition.

Temple Dances of Kerala

There was a time when the performing artists of Kerala earned their living and respect in the temples of Kerala. The fading dance art forms include Kummaty, Kavadi and Krishnaattam. Mayuranrityam is a dance performed on stilts whereas Padayani and Poothamkali is where dancers wear fearful looking masks. Mudiattam is a dance wherein there is violent movement of the head and beating of the chest. Besides these unique dance forms Kodiyattam, which is a complicated enactment by a single actor of Sanskrit drama, also forms part of the Kerala art forms. Due to the dwindling dance art forms, these artists are now forced to work petty jobs to earn a livelihood.

Tortoise Shell Craft

Indian Art Form Tortoise Shell Craft Image: Indianholiday

Shell craft is an art form practiced in Daman and Diu and Andhra Pradesh. The natives of Daman and Diu particularly use tortoise shells to create varied items including decorative items and utilities. The original art form is fading away as ivory carving and other shells are being used in place of tortoise shells. The cultural art form of Daman and Diu is also fading due to dwindling numbers of tortoises in the polluted waters.


Kathputli Puppetry in India Image: Discover India

The Kathputli or Puppetry art form is native to Rajasthan. The string based puppet theatrics was used to showcase the tribal traditions and cultures and to spread awareness of socio-cultural issues like cleanliness and women empowerment. The art form, once prevalent all over the nation, is diminishing and its artists becoming unpopular.

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