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14 Insanely Creative Instagram Accounts For The Daily Dose of Inspiration

If you were to ask me what social media network I love the most; I’d say Instagram without even thinking twice. It’s beautiful, clutter-free, inspiring, and there are no trolls. In fact, hardly a day goes by without me browsing through my feed. Sifting through some insanely creative Instagram accounts has become a habit for me.

Strangely, a lot of people just relate to Instagram as a platform for photographers. True, the medium is based on photo sharing. But, its also a great place for artists, illustrators, food artists, and other creative souls. I follow a lot of them, and their work is just mind-boggling.

So, I thought why not make a list of these creative Instagram accounts and share it with you. Maybe, one of them will inspire you to make it big on Instagram.


Creative Instagram Accounts - Edgar Artis

Are you a budding fashion designer and want to impress your boss or client? Well, I’d suggest taking cues from Edgar Artis. Edgar takes food and other routine objects and turns them into fashion. So, you’ll find designs made out of playing cards, forks, lettuce, flower petals and what not.

In fact, he also posts a step by step guide on his Youtube channel. Pretty interesting, isn’t it.


Creative Instagram Accounts - Pinot

Free hand sketching is something that fascinates me a lot. I am not bad at it but I always wish I could do better. So naturally, when I see people like Pinot Ichwandardi scribble away so effortlessly, I get fascinated and a little jealous.

Both, his free-hand illustrations and 3D drawings on video are mind boggling. Also, he is one creator who has made the most of Instagram Stories.  Quirky doodles on the go, that’s what Pinot does the best.


Creative Instagram Accounts - Alexa Meade

For Alexa Meade, living breathing people are her canvas. Yes, that’s right! She paints directly on people and their clothes to create an illusion. The result – real people and 3D spaces appear as a 2D painting.

Probably, one of the best creative Instagram accounts you’ll see.

@JImmy marble

Jimmy Marble

Jimmy Marble’s Instagram account is what you call “Love at first double tap.” He uses humans a props and blends patterns and colors to create quirky and out of the box photos.


Paloma Parrot Instagram

If like me, you too love minimalism in photographs, then you’ve got to follow Paloma. I can browse through her feed for hours without getting bored ever.


Studio DIY Instagram

Kelly Mindell’s feed is pretty much everything you love about Instagram. Beautiful Pictures, bright colours, and food making amazing art. You just can’t look at her feed and not feel happy.


Instagram Josh Hara

Josh Hara is a cartoonist who likes coffee. One fine day, it struck him that blank coffee cups can make for a great canvas. And since then, his account has been a delightful feed of cartoons that he brings to life.


Samantha Lee Instagram

Samantha Lee was just another mother who was having a tough time making her picky daughter to eat. What did she do? She started making food that tells stories. From King Kong to Ted – the Bear, everyday is a new character.

Heck, sometimes I wish I was Samantha’s picky daughter 😐


I Love Playmo Instagram

If you’ve spent your childhood playing with Playmobil or Lego toys, you’ll absolutely love this account. Maria Moysés creates a make-believe world out of toys and photographs them.

That’s one of my childhood fantasies, right there.


Sean Charmatz Instagram

If you think it’s impossible to be creative inside a cubicle, think again. Or maybe scroll through Sean’s Instagram feed. This guy can find something interesting in every mundane thing of life. Whether its his phone charger or a handful of pistachios (picture above).


stephen mcmennamy instagram

Another genius with a simple enough plan. Combine two totally different things to make one awesome picture. Like his face and broom in the picture above. It’s bewildering how he even thinks of such stuff.

Whether its down to his planning or bursts of inspiration, the end result is always awesome.


Instagram Symmetry Breakfast

Michael makes breakfast for his husband Mark and himself everyday. He clicks a picture and posts it on Instagram. But, what’s so special about it?

Well, the plates are almost identical – infact perfect mirror images. At first glance, you might feel its just another Photoshop trick. But, oh you’d be so wrong.

Plus, that’s the kind of breakfast I’d like to say Good Morning to.


Slinkachu Instagram

Love miniatures? London-based miniature artist Slinkachu loves creating a mini-world of his own. He crafts the human figures separately and combines them with inanimate objects on the streets.


Vincent Bal Instagram

The balance of light and shadows is crucial in photography, isn’t it? For Vincent, it’s crucial for doodles too. This Belgian filmmaker doodles on shadows made by everyday objects.

I first came across his account when he was featured by Instagram and since then have never missed a post from him. Probably, one of my favourite creative accounts on Instagram.


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