Jaipur catches onto the literary vibe: Xavier’s College announces its Writer’s Fest

While the Pink City is getting ready to host one of the biggest literature fest of the world-Jaipur Literature Fest, St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur has announced its very own literature fest INKA. This is an annual Literature Festival Organised by Literati, a club for budding writers, artists and creative thinkers, under the aegis of the Department of English. This two-day literary fest aims at making literature more affable to the students and also initiate participants from non-literary background to the realm of creativity and vivid imagination. This fest has a plethora of carefully curated events ranging from authors’ sessions to a workshop by ttt (Terribly Tiny Tales), all in line with this year’s theme, ‘A Story in Making…’ One of its kind here is a list of reasons why you should head to INKA on 16th and 17th of December

authors’ session- a penman’s view

INKA’17 is proud to announce the presence of two eminent writers, translators and scholars Dr R Raj Rao and Kiran Nagakar.  The event shall dwell upon areas of Indian writing in English with a focus on the realistic portrayal of characters entrenched in the complicated web of society and the creative process of writing. This event will be interactive in nature where you will be exposed to authors of immense calibre and thereby get an insight into one of the most creative minds of our times and thereby sparking your own creativity


Terribly tiny tales

ttt is India’s most celebrated storytelling platform, reaching over 12 million people every week. In this age of dwindling attention spans, ttt has come up with a new genre of micro-fiction, curating stories from all over the world. ttt has become the face of Digital humanities across various social media platforms. The conduct intimate, interactive workshops on how to write tales, about the hows and whys of ttt. The workshops focus upon the role of attention spans and impactful content.

vanity fair

Loved Holly Golightly’s style in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Or are you enchanted by Gatsby’s suave? Ever felt like you wanted to dress up like Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind? Then it’s time for you to revamp their majestic stories in your style. INKA’17 for the first time brings to you a perfect blend of literature and fashion.Dress up like your favourite character from any of the well-known books and bring them to life on the ramp. What are you waiting for register now!


“Never judge a book by its cover”-they say, but at INKA, we do!
INKA 2017 invites all the artists to come to this event which is the amalgamation of the visual and literary- the innovative creation of the book cover.With all your creativity under your sleeve, gear up for this spell “binding” event.

marauder’s map

To all the Freds and Georges looking for an adventure, here’s your chance to participate in INKA’s most fun filled event, the Treasure Hunt! Use your divination skills and participate or perish. Study the maps, understand the surroundings and bring out the natural seeker in you. Use your wits and wands, if required and uncover the Chamber of Secrets.


Weaving Verse

It is that one event we have all been waiting for. INKA is waiting for you to speak up and let your words turn into verse. Yes, we’re talking about INKA’s very own ‘Poetry Slam’. So bring the best of your poetry and weave the magic of your words.


This one is fun and will test your mental capabilities. Show off your mental lexicon and be a part of game of words in *Wordsworth*.

If you’re the kind of person to make a dictionary blush then spell bee n words worth are the thing for your times worth. So “Bee” there n create a buzz with your Thesaurus like qualities!

Show your ingenuity and make us wonder, take us on a tour of a world of your creation.

Make us laugh or maybe cry but remember it’s a story of your creation so aim high.



If you love the stage this is where you belong. INKA 2017 gives you the opportunity to indulge in the world of drama, mime and monologues. So step onto the stage, grab the spotlight and leave the real world behind.


Once upon a time, a motely group of authors and characters were flying to Neverland. On their way to Neverland, they encountered a technical glitch and the plane is about to crash and only one can survive. Participate in this fun filled banter to parachute your way to safety.  Good luck. And, May the odds be in your favour.

Ol’ Moon

Continuing with the legacy of INKA, we present to you the Ol’Moon Ball. A starry night filled with music, revelry and old world charm. Dance away the night with fellow contenders and enjoy the lavish spread. So what are you waiting for? Get your glittering raiments ready for this gala event.

To register log onto www.inka2017.in

picture credits: st. xaviers college



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