Jaipur On A Budget: 8 Soul Stirring Experiences Under 100 Bucks

Jaipur is an amazing mix of history, culture, and contemporary lifestyle. It’s the marriage of old and new. We have forts, palaces, and temples but at the same time, the streets are bustling with cafes and nightclubs.

Amidst all this, there are simpler experiences which sometimes leave a lasting impression on you. Just lazy strolls or unleashing the kid within you. Afterall, life is about simple pleasures. Right?

Jaipur on a budget is totally doable. These experiences will leave a lasting impression in your heart but not your bank statement.

an Evening stroll around statue circle

Jaipur on a Budget - Statue Circle Jaipur

Image: Abbas Rizvi

Statue Circle is reminiscent of the rich history of Jaipur. You can admire the lights and fountains in the garden,but I suggest you to take a little walk on the sidewalk at Janpath. While the road itself is very scenic, a beautifully lit Vidhan Sabha in the background multiplies the charm several times. When you are at it, don’t forget sipping some delicious coffee from the tiny shops at Statue Circle.

Kickstart the morning at smriti van

Smriti Van

Image: Gaurav Hajela

108 acres of sprawling bio diverse forest right on JLN Marg. The place opens at 5am and that is the best time to visit it. Photography enthusiasts, nature lovers, health freaks, or just a curious case, this place offers whatever you are looking for. Take a lazy stroll in the lush greens and go bird watching by the stream.  This experience is definitely gonna leave a lasting impression on your being.

jalmahal on a rainy day

Jal Mahal during rains

Image: Jaipur Beat

On a rainy day, when the sky is overcast and occasional drizzles announce the arrival of monsoon. This is a time to experience Jalmahal like never before. Pick your umbrella (or maybe not) and head to the Mansagar Lake. The rain makes it a delightful sight and you won’t have to bear with all the hawkers and tourists like other days. Buy nariyalpani or bhutta and watch the rain romancing the city.

Go back in time at Indian coffee house, Mi road

Indian Coffe House Jaipur

Image: Indiamike

Are you a fan of the simpler times when conversations happened over a coffee and not on phone screens?

Well, here’s a place in Jaipur that has been forgotten with time. This Indian coffee house at MI Road with its pale green walls, chipping plasters, friendly turban clad stewards and an inexpensive menu is all you need to remind yourself of the times gone by. Relive old memories with your group of friends or start a conversation with a stranger over a cup of filter coffee.

spiritual And Gastronomical experience at birla mandir

Pandit Pav Bhaji Jaipur

Image: JaipurCityBlog

Give yourself some time off and enjoy a peaceful evening at Birla Mandir on the JLN Marg. Even if you are not a religious person, this beautiful architectural masterpiece in white marble will endow you with some peace of mind. That’s just how the vibes of this place are. And while you are here, treat yourself with scrumptious pav bhaji at the famous Pandit Pav Bhaji stall.

meet the artist in you at Jawahar kala kendra

Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur

Image: Make My Trip

JKK or Jawahar Kala Kendra is quite the abode for all the artistic people in Jaipur.

They keep organizing exhibitions of all sorts, from photography to painting. There’s an open theater as well, and you can always spot some drama students putting together a play, or a bunch of friends playing guitar and making music. The ICH inside the building has delicious dosa’s and coffee at inexpensive prices. When you are heading out, don’t forget to have a look at their library.

trek in the SCENIC jhalana forestS

Jhalana Forest Jaipur

Image: Deep Pandey

Rajasthan Government has opened the Jhalana Forest Area for public and the entry charges for Indian nationals is INR 50.

You can opt to explore the forest on foot or bicycles at a fee of INR. 5 per person. So, get your trekking shoes and binoculars ready for an adventurous day trek in the forest. This has to be on the to-do list of all wildlife lovers in Jaipur.

feed PIGEONS and take tonga ride at albert hall

Albert Hall Jaipur

Image: Soumyadeep Charaborty

One of my favorite childhood memories is of feeding pigeons in the morning with my grandfather. I am sure, its the same case with most of us. Here’s a window to your childhood on this busy road. You can spot hundreds of pigeons near the Albert Hall Museum.

So, give in to the child in you and amuse yourself with these delightful flocks. Once you are done with them, take a tonga ride and have the most delicious kulfi at Ramchandra Kulfi Bhandar.

Featured Image: Avinash Mane

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