Jaipur Fashion Blogger hits 10k followers: In conversation with Aaysha Sharma

Social Media Research and word of mouth has led Desi Diaries to the doors of the exceptionally beautiful fashion blogger Aaysha Sharma. She is a budding blogger and the heartthrob of many Jaipurietes. She  goes by the name of that_chimera on Instagram and truly she is just as fierce as the mythical creature. Keep reading to have an insight into her journey as a fashion blogger-

What inspired you to become a blogger in the first place?

Initially, I was just a teenagers clicking pictures like everybody else but the appreciation I received on social media made me turn to blogging finally. Looking good for myself and my audience became important, turning fashion into a passion. Passion then turned to a profession is what has made me soar.

What would you say are the daily struggles in the life of a fashion blogger?

I think I struggle most with management. From managing time, money, clothes to people it has all become a stretch. While managing the photographer is a hassle in itself, the police in Jaipur does not make it any easier for us. It’s really difficult to click pictures in some areas of Jaipur. As we also know how difficult it is to click a single selfie in certain areas of Jaipur.  Although there are ups and downs, overall it is a fun and learning experience.

Which fashion icon inspires you the most?

I think eternal beauties like Maharani Gayatri Devi and Jacqueline F Kennedy have always been my inspiration. You can never go wrong with the Classics.

What would you suggest to all budding fashion bloggers?

I think my message to all aspiring bloggers is that it’s not as glamorous and easy as it looks, but never give up on your passion and dreams. While working hard is important, working smart is the key to success.


what is your fashion mantra?

The mantra for fashion is that there is no mantra. Being a trend setter and a trend breaker is really important in the F-world. Just be comfortable in what you’re wearing and don’t forget to leave a personal touch in whatever you do.



What is the key to fashion blogging? the camera or the experience?

I think the camera matters but what makes the picture perfect is the editing. Nuances like contrasting play a major role in defining the details of the outfit. Also, the photographer’s skills are the backbone of any kind of visual display.

Follow that_chimera at https://www.instagram.com/that_chimera/

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