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In today’s fast-paced life, it is rare to find people doing something that brings happiness to others. Gramiksha Jaipur works with the sole purpose of bringing smiles and joy to the life of the school children. Gramiksha Jaipur aims at shaping one’s dreams into aspirations that inspire millions. It started off as a group of students who took initiative in the direction of inadequacies in the public education system with the aim of “Padhega India, Tbhi Toh Badhega India”.

paint for change

Gramiksha Jaipur recently organized an activity – “Paint For Change” in the Government schools in and around Jaipur. It was in collaboration with India @75 National Volunteering Week 2018. Just like colours add life to a painting similarly, these students tried to bring happiness, joy and colours in the life of children.

Hundreds of hands came together to paint, draw and wash the insignificant little walls of Raajkia Uccha Praveshika Sanskrit Vidhyalaya, Demi Sadan, bringing them back to life. They did not just painted walls or sketch rather they tried to bring education to life and knowledge to heart. It is about young minds seeing these beautiful pieces of art, connecting to them and visually relating to them when they are at school. It’s about bringing a small change in the widest avenue for prospect, knowledge and love.

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it sure will for few.

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