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11 Things You’ll Totally Relate To If You Are A Punjabi

There is something unique about the Punjabis which makes them stand apart from the crowd. Loud, loving and full of life, Punjabis personify fun. There is a reason behind ” Punjabiyan Di Shaan Wakhri”. Being a Punjabi is a blessing and I don’t doubt that even for a moment. Here are 11 things any Punjabi would relate to no matter which part of the world you live in.

never-ending jhappiyan & pairi pauna

Punjabis are known for being the large-hearted people. We are the kindest and sweetest people you’ll ever meet and that can be measured with the amount of Jhappiyan, Pappiyan aur Pairi Pauna you’ll get as you enter a Punjabi household. Be our guest someday and you’ll remember the hospitality for rest of your lives.

Punjabis live to eat


While rest of the world eats to live, we Punjabis live to gorge onto Aloo k Paranthe and Rajma Chawal all topped with Desi Ghee and White Butter. We love our Butter Chicken and Sarson Ka Saag more than most of the World Cuisine.

khaata peeta khandan

The word FAT doesn’t exist in our dictionary for we are from Khaata Peeta Khandan. Even if we are healthy and well built, we will always be maarha/sukka for our mothers and grandmothers.

hobby= gehri

We Punjabis love travelling and our staple hobby is “Gehri”. No phone call ends without a Gheri Plan with Saade Veer and we even have Gehri Routes. If that wasn’t enough, we even have songs dedicated to Gehri.

bling. bling. bling

Diamond-studded pagdisgota-work chunnis, colours of the rainbow and a large variety of suits, all of it adorns the closet of us Punjabi. Top this off with a Louis Vuitton ( Loui Vitthon for us) or Chanel bag and the attire is complete. Ghaint aa!!

we are loud and we know it

Yes we accept we are loud and will never think twice before speaking our mind. We love to brag and boast about our possessions and live life king size. Cuss words are a part of our daily language but so is HAAN JI.

repeat words like a boss

We love repeating our words. Dinner-shinner, mutton-shutton, party-sharty, the fun-shun intensifies this way. We embrace the language and Normal English isn’t meant for us. And what do we say to a Grammar Nazi who tries to correct us with Bullt? Tu Rehendey!

We Do Party ALL night

No matter how small the occasion, Punjabi’s love to party hard. Alcohol flows in galleons, there’s food enough to feed a small country and girls get their groove on in skimpy dresses. The phrase ‘burn the dance floor’ was probably invented in a disco full of Punjabis.

high voltage drama & Chittar

Don’t respond to your Mummy Ji’s voice within 3 seconds and it begins. Our parents call us kanjar, kaamchor/nikamma and khote da puttar at least once a day on daily basis. Believe us or not but our biggest fear is “Chittar” and every argument with mom ends with “Haye menu chuk le”.

big fat Punjabi wedding

The best food, the loudest music, the dhols and the DJ, the week-long celebrations and Jaago altogether make for a great Punjabi wedding. And how can one miss the Bhangra? Punjabi weddings are a complete fun and are a lifetime experience.

respect. a lot of it

However frivolous the Punjabis might be, the respect and the devotion that we have towards our culture stands completely unmatched. We also take our Guru and our Relatives very seriously. Langars and Guru Purabs are our favourite time of the year and the amount of love we carry in our hearts is enough for the world.

I bloom wherever planted. Bibliophile. Articulate. Dancer. Sagacious. Vogueish. Exuberant.

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