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Jaipur, Write Letters To Strangers And Make This World A Better Place

Famous American racer David Ragan once said and I quote, “The world is a tough place to live in and you need to have something to fall back on.” I feel he couldn’t be more right. No matter how happy and dreamy the world is painted in books and movies, living here can sometimes be a struggle.

Now imagine that you’re going through a rough patch and looking for somebody to lean on. Out of the blue your doorbell rings and your postman walks in. He hands you a beautifully written letter that tells you it’s okay and everything is going to be fine. Wouldn’t that make you feel a whole lot better? I think it would.

And how would you feel if you get to write a letter to a stranger and bring a smile to their face? Sounds good, right? Picking on the same idea, The Goodwill Tribe is organising Letter Earthlings in Jaipur on the 22nd of April. And you could be a part of this wonderful activity. Here’s how it works:


Letter Earthlings Jaipur

The Letter Earthlings work towards spreading more kindness and love in the world in all the small ways they can think of. One such idea is writing letters to strangers.


Letter Earthlings

It’s simple. The Goodwill Tribe opens up a Google form, asking people to put in their letter requests for people they love or even themselves. Maybe these people are going through a rough patch, or they just need some support, encouragement, warmth and deserve more love. There is no limitation on where the letter can go – could be any part of the world.

Here’s the google form.

They then get together in different cities at a dedicated space and hand-write letters and post it to them. This weekend they are coming to Jaipur and you too can be a part of the circle.

Click here to find out more about the event.


The Goodwill Tribe

The Goodwill Tribe was started in Dubai and is now slowly rooting its chapters all over the world in cities like London, Sydney, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. They organise interactive events like food drives, donation drives, one kind circle where people gather and converse on themes like gratitude, self love etc. The intention behind these events is to strengthen and re-create the human connection through kindness.

You can read more about them here.

Don’t forget to join them this Saturday. You can RSVP to the event here.

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