5 Local Food Joints Of Jaipur That Trump Their International Counterparts

The city is crowding with a huge number of fast food chains serving the same type of food in terms of taste, quality and presentation. And, no matter how much we might love these places, this mundane setup becomes bore-some at times. This leaves us with no other option but to jump to another fast-food chain, until even that becomes a boring routine.

Quick Fact : Did you know that Jaipur had some amazing places that could beat the international fast food chains any day? Moreover, some of these places have more than one branch in Jaipur.

So next time you wish to have a quick hunger fix, but with a better and homely experience, visit any of the places from this list!

Sandwich Bay / Subway

sandwich from sandwich bay

Paneer Makhani sandwich From Sandwich Bay

The only wi(t)ch we’d love to deal with is a sandwich!

Sandwich bay is the desi Subway for Jaipur and can beat the fast food chain easily. In fact, their menu has a whole range of amazing sandwiches to make you wanna visit this place again and again. Meanwhile,it won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

Burger Farm / Burger King

burger farm

Cheese Nuggets From Burger Farm/ Behance

What’s a burger if it doesn’t satisfy your soul along with your stomach?

At burger farm, you can customise your burger your way and we’re sure you’d be lovi’n it! Furthermore, the fries here are crispier as per our personal experience. By and large, the soft buns and the amazing range of sauces makes this place a scale above these burger chains.

Curious life coffee roasters / STARBUCKS

latte at curious life coffee roasters

Best coffee in Jaipur/Travel Away

Mornings start with coffee and days run with coffee.

It’s somewhat saddening that Jaipur doesn’t have any Starbucks outlets yet. But then, Curious Life Coffee Roasters comes to the rescue. For the ones that absolutely love coffee can swear by the fact that they serve the best coffee in town. Still reading? Already go and have your cup of perfect coffee!

Taxi Chick-Inn / KFC

Taxi Chick-inn

Variety Of Chicken Dishes Available At Taxi Chick-Inn/MagicPin

Chicken is L-O-V-E.

No doubt, we all love the secret recipe from KFC, but what’s the harm in having the delicious chicken snacks from Taxi Chick-Inn? As a matter of fact, the Indian spices added to the chicken snacks here make them so-so-so delectable. So, plan this weekend with friends at Taxi Chick-Inn and flaunt your enormous knowledge of the best eat-outs in Jaipur than the usual places.

JalMahal Ice-Cream PARLOR / Baskin RobBins

Jal Mahal Ice-cream Parlor

Ice-cream Sundae at Jalmahal Icecream Parlor/ Mumbai Ki Chokri

We all love ice-creams. Sundaes for Sundays; Sundaes for Mondays; And Sundaes for the rest of the week. Life is pretty much sorted this way.

In any case, you’d agree with us that sometimes treating your girlfriend at Baskin Robbins becomes a costly affair. But then you can’t tell her no when she makes all cute faces. JalMahal Ice-cream parlor could be your savior in this case. Not only is the taste and quality equally amazing as BR, it is way much pocket friendly.  Of course, it’d be a great change to switch from the usual and try the competitive counterpart.

A law student turned food/ fashion blogger owing to the love of food, writing and photography and the *huge disinterest* in studying. Check out @thefoodiepanda on Instagram to tickle your taste buds, @thevoguishpanda for some quick fashion fix.

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