Monsoon Is The Best Excuse To Head Out To These Places In Jaipur

After a long long period of scorching heat and pangs of sun, there is finally the time of the rains to usher in. Jaipur being one big time heat hit region, it rejoices and embraces the monsoon season like no place else. The drizzling sound of the rains, the petrichor, the liveliness of nature and the pleasure of ‘Pakoras’ is the perfect definition of rains in Jaipur.

And ofcourse under a sky so breathtaking, who would not want to get out of their homes and make the best out of the season? Pink city has one of the most amazing head outs for the monsoon period as the place is the amalgamation of time-honoured past and the contemporary. So here are 5 places you can unearth during the monsoons :

  1. Nahargarh & Padao Restaurant 

What could be better than a spectacular view of the old city and ‘Pakodas’ with you in the monsoons? We bet, nothing. Nahargarh gives you a panoramic view of the city like no other place and the restaurant Padao fills you with delicious snacks which become the perfect combination during evenings.

Credits : Instagram – historytv18

  1. Wind View Café & Hawa Mahal

Brew with a view is a short description of these two places, Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds is one of Jaipur’s dusting landmarks and most important monuments. The Wind View Café gives you a splendid spectacle of this Palace that you can relish with some nibbles of the Café.


  1. Sagar & Watch Tower

This place tops our list of adventures to endeavour during monsoon and is one place up and close to nature that you can totally rejoice in. The lake is surrounded by lush green mountains. The watchtower gives you a full view of this spot and it is one place you just cannot miss during rains.

Credits : Instagram – im_shubham_pareek


  1. Galta Ji Temple

Experience peace and happiness at one place, Galta Ji Temple is one of the oldest spots of Jaipur where one can bask in with family or friends for an unforgettable getaway during monsoon.

Credits : Instagram – arpit_bhansali

  1. JKK & Indian Coffee House 

Serenity and delightfulness to cut it short. Jawahar Kala Kendra is definitely a spot where you can sink in the beauty of nature in the monsoon. Not only this but their inbuilt food centre, Indian Coffee House fulfills satiates your hunger pangs at low costs. So enjoy the rain eating your favourite dosa at this place.

So head out and make the most of the rains in the walled city.

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