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The Food and Beverage Industry is on its boom in Jaipur and everywhere around. It’s one of the most lucrative businesses in the market and has seen a substantial rise in both ownership and audience in last 5 years. It is in this scenario that in 2017, the Food Craft Company has made an appearance as a Hospitality Consultancy and Management Firm, founded by four passionate professionals with expertise in their own fields. The firm provides skilled advice and services to a range of clients in the F&B industry, and deals with the existing and aspiring restaurateurs through their vast array of services. Their aim is to make your business ‘Scalable’, ‘Profitable’ and ‘Successful’.

“Our set-up comprises of the best in the industry, seasoned leaders who provide extraordinary results in top-line start-ups and business ideas. We strive to be the most desirable and highly valued hospitality management firm in the industry, which we achieve through the following services.” –THE TFCC

The Food Craft Company provides these major model services:

INCEPTION- This model helps you create a new brand for your food business from scratch. They take care of everything, from coming up with an innovative idea, to creating your menu, and delivering to you your investment in a running form.

CONSULTANCY- This model caters to your specific problems. Facing problems hiring workers? Can’t publicize your business enough? Inconsistent customer service? Management fuss? Well, leave it to them. They provide expert advice and solutions to all your problems, big or small.

MANAGEMENT- Always wanted to own a restaurant but can’t seem to have the time or expertise to run it? Food craft takes over this hassle for you. They manage all your day to day operations and carefully analyse, optimize and monitor the internal and external aspects of your operation. It identifies enterprise wide-cost efficiencies, provide strategic and key insights that improve business performance. This reaps multiple benefits for the organisation, including enhanced productivity, strong control system and higher revenues.

Several other services that TFCC offers you;

Concept Building- Developing a feasible, unique and functional F&B model.

Architecture and Interiors- Designing the right ambiance for your product, along with developing an operational blueprint of the kitchen, placing the right equipments at the right place, so as to derive optimum operational efficiency.

Kitchen Design- Developing an operational blueprint of the kitchen, placing the right equipments at the right place, so as to derive optimum operational efficiency.

Product Development- Creating the right product with the team of our product engineers that suits demography and price.

H R Solutions- Right person at right point is their key to success, and they've got an amazing team.

Training Staff- Hospitality is fast paced. A well trained team provides consistent level of guest satisfaction and also helps your business ability to remain competitive.

Marketing Strategy- Capture the market with SMART market plans; digital platform (online and offline both) and the far-reaching social media. This can serve as a significant platform for your events and their promotions.

Financial Assistance- Fund structural suggestions, plans and financial aid for all phases of eatery business cycle.

Hand Roll Assist- A 60 days restaurant management crash course with the experts that help you run/understand. Streamline your first project.

Asset Restructuring- Winding up your rest? Slum sale and piecemeal distribution of used assets, and asset restoration with their valuation experts.


Take a look at their previous clientele, for a better idea. They are currently associated with many more restaurants and organisations.

For more information, visit their website www.foodcraftcompany.in or contact:

Their mission is to elevate food, beverage and hospitality around the world, and a promise to exceed their clients’ expectations with an unparalleled team of passionate, caring and trusted industry experts. Theirs is clearly a journey of passion.

Thinking of getting into the food business? Think Food Craft. One point solution to all your restaurant needs.