The 90s Are Back: Get The Look Right With These Retrieved Retro Trends

Fashion is eternal!

It never fades, it repeats itself. Time doesn’t come back, but fashion does! Bollywood has given us some of the best styles since the very beginning. From the times of ” Mud-Mud ke na dekh ” to ” Palat ” everything might have changed but darling, fashion’s still the same!

Listed below are some Retro Trends that are back in fashion, some with a slight change and the others, as they were.

off shoulder

Nadira in “Shree 420″/

To all those who think that this new trend’s just rocking the runway, come out of the illusion!

From Nadira in “Shree 420” (1955) to Juhi Chawla in “Darr” (1993), this trend has been in Bollywood. And after almost 2 decades Tada! It’s Back. Both with and without modifications!

The Nehru Collar

Image :

As the name suggests, this was worn by Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru in the 1950’s. 60 years, Damn! and see it’s back! Maybe with a different name, but no changes at all!

Mandarin Collar, The Modi Jacket are all derivatives of the same.

The button front denim skirt

Dimple Kapadia in “Bobby” / Image :

I guess presently it’s one of the most common trends among young girls.

To all the girls who think that this skirt has been trending for the first time ever, unlock your phones darling. And search for “Dimple Kapadia’s Debut Movie”, you’ll get the answer! That polka dot top with a knot and the same button front denim skirt..Haha!

Got your answer?

The Peter Pan collar

Image :

If you’re a 90’s kid, ask your parents about the Peter Pan collar. They’ll recognize it for sure because it has been retrieved from the 70’s! A shirt or a dress with Peter Pan collar that’s flooding the wardrobes of youngsters these days is indeed a retro trend!

The flared pants – palazzo

Neetu Singh wearing a Palazzo / Image : wonder

Palazzo Pants are the one common thing that can be found in the wardrobes of almost every girl these days!

Whenever it comes to mixing those classy Indian looks with some funky western looks, the first thing that comes to my mind is a Palazzo! Surprisingly, this trend is also a retro trend and that too a famous one!

the winged eyeliner

Image :

The secret to a happy woman is evenly winged eyeliner! This trend has been in Bollywood for a very long time but was in hibernation for some time and look now it’s back with a boom!

So, the next time you’re in doubt..just wing it out!

Round and tinted shades

The Classic Round Vintage Shades/ Image :

Bored of those geeky over sized shades and wayfarers? Wayfarers have ruled the glasses’ trend for so damn long!

This was a high time when we were in need of a savior like them! But wait, before you head off to shopping and get this voguish pair of shades. Check your parents’ shades drawer, you might get a classy pair there! Yeah, darling, even this one’s not new!

Some other retro trends that have been retrieved from your parents’ and grandparents’ youth are :

  • The Chunky Chokers
  • Trendy Overalls/ Dungarees
  • Darker lip shades
  • Bell Sleeves
  • Maxi
  • Platform Heels
  • High neck/ Boat neck blouses
  • The Funky Florals
  • Shirt Dresses
  • Loafers

Ahh! The list is way too long! So, now you gotta think twice before calling your parents “old-fashioned” as you might just get the trendiest pieces of your time in their “old” wardrobes!  Moreover, whenever you want an idea about the upcoming trends, open the albums of your granny’s youth instead of a fashion blog!




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