Fight Hunger And Food Wastage With The Robin Hood Army

A group of young, energetic volunteers dressed in green serving food in the slums, every night, is a common sight these days. Many of you must be wondering who are these? They call themselves Robins and are a part of the world wide organization, The Robin Hood Army.

The Robin Hood Army aims to eradicate world hunger and minimize food wastage, with their simple, yet effective measures. Started in August 2014, this organization is earning a positive name for it’s efforts with the slogan ‘Serve The Hungry Citizens’

Hunger- The reason behind rha

Food Packets Being Distributed Among The Kids

Hunger remains the number 1 reason of death in the world, followed by AIDS, Cancer, etc. There are 850 million chronically hungry people in the world, out of which, 1/3rd are found in India alone. Over 20 crore Indians sleep hungry every night, while most of us do not even think twice before wasting food. Even for many restaurant and cafes, a lot of food is dumped off every night, which could otherwise feed the homeless.

The founder of the Robin Hood Army , Neel Ghosh, along with a group of his friends, decided to find a way channel this leftover food to the ones that needed it. Started with 6 people, RHA now has over 10,000 volunteers in 10 countries of the world.

How they work

Robins Interacting In A Slum In Jaipur

RHA works in a very simple manner, it  collects the leftover food from anyone that provides it to them , and distributes it among the lesser fortunate sections of the society. The Robins do not accept monetary help, but any help in the form of food, clothing, time, stationary, medicines, or anything useful to the people is welcome. The drives are organised every night, where leftover food, from partner cafes and restaurants, that is in a healthy condition, is collected. The food is then assembled to make a proper meal,and then our green heroes ride to distribute it. This drive takes place every Sunday too, where they take the initiative to provide basic education to the kids.

The Independence day drive

Independence Day Celebrations At A Local Orphanage By RHA Jaipur Chapter

Of course, the regular drives are a ritual at Robin Hood Army, but apart from these, the occasion of Independence Day is quite special to the team. Every year, the robin armies  from India and Pakistan set a minimum serving goal. For 2017, it is named Mission 1 Million. The Jaipur Chapter alone is striving to feed a minimum of  30,000 individuals.

Not only will the volunteers serve food, clothing, etc, but also they’d dance and spend time with them to celebrate the Independence Day. The event dates from 12th Aug-15th Aug’17.

You Want to help?

How RHA Helps Spead Smiles

As mentioned earlier, the Robin Hood Army doesn’t accept monetary donations, but any help in form of food, stationary and clothing is more than loved here.  If you wish to donate any clothes that are fit to be worn, but are of no use to you, you’d love to give them away to these people. Any sort of food item, ranging from a single banana to even thousands of cooked/uncooked food packets can be distributed. Even if you have nothing but just your time to provide to them, it would be the best sort of gift for them. For people that run a restaurant or a catering service, giving away your leftover food would mean a huge step. Even if you have a lot of food from a party that you organised, contact the Robins to help it distribute, rather than throwing it away.

How to become a volunteer

Such Happy Faces <3

Helping others always feels good. Moreover keeping in mind the fact that over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day, it can never be a bad idea to become a Robin. We all want to do something big, and become heroes, but we forget the fact that our little steps combined makes it all huge, and make us all superheroes. No matter which city you belong to, register here to become a volunteer at The Robin Hood Army that is spread over 34 cities in India. Become a volunteer and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join hands to eradicate world hunger.


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