Saree Or Salwar Kameez | Rajasthan Government To Implement Dress Code For Female Students

The Government of Rajasthan has introduced a new rule for the students studying in the Government Colleges of the state. As per according to the new circular sent out by Directorate to all 219 colleges of Rajasthan, the students from the upcoming session will have to wear a uniform every single day to the college.

According to the circular, male students should wear only shirt and trousers while the attires for their female counterparts should be salwar kameez or saree and blouse


  • The Directorate sent out a notice to all 219 Government run colleges on 4th of March stating all the students enrolled in the college in whichsoever course must attend college in uniform.
  • The colour of the outfits is left on the college administration to decide.
  • The colleges need to report to the Directorate by 12th of March with their final choice.
  • The male students are asked to wear a shirt, pant, jersey (in winters), shoes, socks and belt, while for the girls, it is salwar-suit, chunni, sweater or cardigan, saree, shoes/sandals and socks.
  • Colleges, which already have a dress code, have also been asked to specify their uniform.

This has lead to a big controversy and the decision is bashed nationally by many people. The People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) said the decision to implement a particular dress code in colleges was “unconstitutional, retrogressive, patriarchal and authoritarian step”.

Apart from that, the students are not very happy with the decision. A female student recently stated “Why only girls are forced to wear Indian Wear? Why boys are asked not to come in Kurta-Pyjamas?”.

We believe the step is really obnoxious and forcing female students to wear certain clothes makes no sense. In a world where the youth have right on who they want to vote for, they aren’t given right on what to wear.

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