Summer Courses in Jaipur

7 Summer Courses In Jaipur You Can Join For An Alternate Career

Summer is finally here!

We’ve all been waiting for our exams to get over and summer holidays to begin, haven’t we? Of course, the plans to hang out with friends, taking road trips, going shopping top our list but it is equally important to think about our future plans and careers too.

And summer holidays can be the best time to join some courses that we’ve been meaning to pick up for so long. So whether it’s design, photography, or cooking, now is a good time to take that hobby to the next level. Here are some interesting summer courses in Jaipur and the best places to pursue them.


Summer Courses in Jaipur - Graphic Design

Have a passion for both art and technology?

Then, graphic designing is just the perfect course for the creative souls. From designing logos, visiting cards to designing products, it includes every kind of virtual designing and required abundant creativity and ideas. Graphic Designers are in a big demand and this profession offers big career opportunities. You can either work in a creative agency or freelance for clients on your own.

Scope: Advertisement Art Director, animator, graphic designer, printmaker, production designer

Where To Learn in Jaipur: Arena Animation, DAAC, Redfire VFX animation.


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Almost everyone loves cooking but there is a difference between cooking at home and cooking professionally.

You need to master event cooking technique in the book and innovate too. With virtually everyone now becoming a food photographer, it’s crucial to know food styling too. You have to turn make that dish not only delicious but also presentable. And if you’ve always thought of opening your own restaurant, well, now is the time to start.

Scope: Research Chef, Food stylist, Nutritionist, Pastry Chef, Culinary Artist

Where To Learn in Jaipur: Jaipur Cooking Classes, Uncle Sam’s Kitchen, Nita Mehta Classes, Pratibha Cooking Institute.


Event Management

Passionate about learning new culture, themes, designs and executing those ideas in an event?

Than Event Mangement course provides you with loads of theoretical as well as practical knowledge to turn out an event into a great success. Not only this, but the course will also build your skills in marketing, public relations, creativity, communication and leadership.

Scope: Event planner, Event coordinator, Event manager, Wedding planner

Where To Learn in Jaipur: NAEMD, IIEMR, Picasso Academy of Event Management

Foreign Language

Foreign Language Courses in Jaipur

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Buenos Dias, Bonjour, Ola!

Learning a new language can always be so much fun. Not only do you open up to a new culture but it also opens doors to a ton of opportunities. More companies than ever have extended there businesses overseas and they are always on the lookout for people to manage there business and connect with locals.

Skills in a foreign language is a great thing to have on your resume.

Scope: Career in sectors such as Tourism, Foreign Embassies, Diplomatic Services, Online Content Writer, Multinational Corporates

Where To Learn in Jaipur: DIFL, Foreign Language Studio, Institute of Foreign Languages


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Are you always impressing your guests and friends at a cocktail party with your bartending skills?

Well, mixing drinks is fun but can get you some moolah too. The course in bartending and mixology is both fun and exciting. The work includes creating and demonstrating various mocktails and cocktails using various syrups. One should be abreast with the latest techniques, drink recipes and drink presentation skills.

Scope: Bartenders and Mixologists may find work at licensed establishments such as bars, resorts, catering firm, restaurants, and casinos.

Where To Learn in Jaipur: International Institute of Bartending, Flair Mania Bartending School & Events, Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Studies


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Someone has truly said “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”

Photography as a career option is a great choice. It requires you to have a creative eye with visual imagination. There are lot of photography clubs in Jaipur which organise workshops and photo walk. You can either join a course or become a part of these club and enhance your photography skills.

Scope: Photojournalist, Food photographer, Videographer, Wildlife Photographer, Wedding Photographer

Where To Learn in Jaipur: Jaipur Photography Club, Jaipur Photographers’ Club



Filmmaking is a field that draws a lot of interest of youngsters. Well, who doesn’t want be tell stories through such a popular medium. But if you want to emulate your idols like Satyajit Ray, Yash Chopra, and Anurag Kashyap, joining a filmmaking course would be a good choice.

Filmmaking is complex as and time consuming career. It requires lots of skills and demands hard work and dedication. It would help yo a long way if you technical know how is strong. The courses start from scratch i.e take you from the film from development stage to the finished product.

Scope: Freelance Directors, Ad Film Directors, TV Director, Film Director

Where To Learn in Jaipur: Zee Institute of Creative Art, MAAC

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