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Beat The Heat With These Cool Summer Workshops By Kalaneri

Summer is here, and we have already started pinning up our vacation plans. As the heat rises outside, we are searching for reasons to stay indoors, and what’s better than joining a hobby class!

But look no further, Kalaneri Academy of Fine Arts brings you a handful of workshops to kick up the creative artist in you. Be it going wild on canvas, or learning technicalities on film-making, they have got something for all age groups. So if you are bored of your routine and want to try your hands on something new, these workshops are tailormade for you. All you have to do is show up and create some magic with your creativity.

 kids summer camp

Image: La Casita/ kids summer camp

Holidays are far more than just completing the homework. It’s time for you to help your kid learn a new skill and engage in some fun activities with new friends.

From painting feathers to make decorative items from the recycled materials, Kalaneri’s summer camp has got everything to boost that creative mind of your child.  Facilitated by the famous feather artist Aditi Agrawal, this workshop will make your kid learn the art of painting a feather while building some amazing 3D-art objects from the waste material.

Age Group: 5-12 Years
Duration: 15 days/ 1 month
Price: INR 2,000/ 3,500
Starting Date: 15th May
Timing: 9-10 A.M. & 10-11 A.M.


Image: Kalaneri/photography workshop

This workshop is for all the shutterbugs who want to learn storytelling through a single frame. Coached by Rituraj Jain, this workshop will make sure you develop, express and nurture your passion and talent for photography.

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 1 week
Price: INR 5,000/-
Starting Date: 26th May 2017
Time: 10 AM -12

Clay modelling, terracotta/paper mashe

Image: Kalaneri/clay modelling

The weather is exactly the kind to get down and fill your hands with paper mache to create anything you can imagine off. Facilitated by LN Naga, this workshop is for all those who want to try there hands on creating sculptures and various other art forms from the paper pulp.

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 6 + 6 Days
Price: INR 2,500/-
Starting Date: 8th May
Time: 11.00 AM – 1.00

portrait sketching (color)


Image: Kalaneri/portrait

Drawing those perfect hair and beautiful eyes can be a challenge!

Learn to draw facial expressions under the expert guidance of Naval Singh, an outstanding portrait sketching artist. This workshop is open to artists of all skill levels interested in improving their ability in portrait sketching.

So don’t miss the chance to draw those funny expressions of your friends!

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 1 week/2 week
Price: INR 2,000/3,000
Starting Date: 15th May
Time: 10 AM – 12.00 & 5 PM – 7

Folk art

Image: Kalaneri/phad

Being culturally diverse and distinct, a variety of art forms have evolved in various parts of India. While every state is rich in its specific folk and tribal art, Kalaneri comes up with an idea to re-introduce today’s generation with these art forms. From Madhubani to Tanjore, this workshop has got something for every tribal and folk art lover. These include:

  • Madhubani from Bihar
  • Worli from Maharashtra
  • Phad from Rajasthan
  • Tanjore from Tamil Nadu

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 3 week/4 week
Price: INR 3,500/6,000
Starting Date: 15th May’
Time: 12.30 – 2 PM & 4 – 5 PM & 5.30 – 7 PM

calligraphy & handwriting improvement

Image: Kalaneri/calligraphy

Ok, admit it! We all have got the remark of, ‘Improve your handwriting’, at least once by our teachers!

This summer vacation, if you are looking to workout on your kid’s handwriting and don’t know where to get started, Kalaneri is the place for you. Facilitated by Askok V Bhargava, this workshop will make kids learn the art of modern calligraphy while working on their basic handwriting improvement.

Age Group: 8-14 Years
Duration: 10 Days
Price: INR 1,250/-
Starting Date: 15th May
Time: 9 – 10 AM & 10 – 11 AM  & 11 AM – 12


Image: Kalaneri/cartooning

Love Calvin and the Hobbes or Garfield?

Comic strips are the best way of communicating ideas as they create a long and lasting impact on the readers.

If you too are fascinated with the idea of cartooning, the Cartooning workshop at Kalaneri is perfect for you. Learn this exciting art-form from the famous cartoonist, Sudhir Goswami. Maybe you’ll end up creating our own world of superheroes.

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 6 Days
Price: INR 1,200/-
Starting Date: 15th May
Time: 10 – 12 PM

short film making

Image: Kalaneri/short film making

If you were told that film making is difficult, expensive and extensively technical, here’s the course to prove it wrong.

From generating idea to complete editing of the final roll, learn film making step-by-step from the renowned photographer and film-maker, Rituraj Jain. The workshop is open for all with a camera, laptop/PC and an idea.

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 6 Days
Price: INR 2,500/-
Starting Date: 26th May
Time: 10 AM – 12


Image: Kalaneri/batik

You’ll be amazed at how much fun this art form is!

Discover and learn batik (wax and dye the cloth) even if you have never done it before. This short workshop will make you learn this ancient art form in the most fun manner.

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 1 week/2 weeks
Price: INR 1,200/2,000
Starting Date: 15th May
Time: 10 AM – 12


Image: Kalaneri/mural

An unusual technique to make your own version of the most vibrant and stunning art pieces. Learn to emboss 3D art on various bases, like: MDF Board, canvas, with the readily available material (broken comb, marble dust, ceramic powder, sand paper etc).

The best part is, you don’t need to have the prior knowledge of sketching and color painting. Just play with the colors, materials and creative techniques, and you are done!

Age Group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 6+6 Days
Price: INR 1,500/-
Starting Date: 15th May
Time: 10 AM – 12

glass painting


How beautiful is to paint your ideas on glass!

This summer add an extra dimension to your creativity. This workshop will let you create your own masterpiece on the piece of glass. An expert glass artist, Chandra M Sharma, will guide you in the process of hand painting your glass.

Best part? You get to take your glass masterpiece home.

Age group: Open for all age groups
Duration: 10 Days
Price: INR 2,500/-
Starting Date: 22nd May
Time: 9 AM to 12


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