A Sunday In Jaipur From The Tongue Of A Food Blogger

Sunday, as we call it God’s day is supposed to be a total relaxed and chilled out sort of day. And what could relax and chill anyone, more than food? Instead of sitting at home, and wasting the day, I decided to spend it in the most fantastic way. Of course, it’s a food bloggers hobby to eat, and that’s the only thing they know so well. In fact, they know some of the best eat-out locations in Jaipur.

Read along the record of their amazing day to help you to plan your perfect weekend.

Morning means chai-samosa and more!


Chai-Samosa/ Shutterstock

Don’t ask us questions like who wakes up at 8:00 A.M. on a Sunday. We know that’s unethical, but when chai is life, you can go any lengths. Planned to go for a walk at Central park, from our house at Jawahar Nagar, but then halfway changed our mind and headed to Gulabji for a soul-soothing cup of chai. There’s always a person in the group that goes opposite direction, and wanted lassi from the famous Lassiwala. While there, we planned to take a longer route to stop by at Samrat and take along fresh Kachori and Samosa.

Interestingly, when we came back home by 9:30 to prepare for an excellent day ahead, we were no less than surprised to find a khaman party going on. Of course, foodie parents and grandparents are a boon. What’s a breakfast if it’s not khaman and khandvi from Sodhani?

Lunch date with family? <3

Tandoori Platter Casa De Amore

Tandoori Platter From Casa De Amore

On lazy Sundays, we usually end up ordering food at home from the Indian Curry, but today had to be different. After a lot of discussions, we settled for Casa De Amore.

Even the name is perfect because family is love and who would’t want to have lunch with them at the ‘house of love’? We absolutely love the royal feel of the fine-dine area from this place, and the food is equally good. From starters, our favorite was the Dahi-ke-kebab. This place has a wide and extended menu, ranging from South Indian, to North Indian, to Chinese and much more, all in all perfect for a family luncheon. Another recommendation here is the Olive and Chilly naan. *drools to the memory of it*

Because Healthy Is Necessary (._.’)

Frooce Jaipur

Healthy Juices From Frooce/Rough Idea

After eating like a pig, we were full with guilt of having gained weight. Dad suggested we all drink juices to at least believe that we’re healthy. But being a total critic I told him about the harmful sugars added in the juices. That’s when he called Frooce and they delivered fresh, pure, and healthy juices on our doorsteps. In addition to it being healthy, it was the tastiest healthy thing I’ve drank. *BRB, gotta ask dad to help me with food blogging*

What’s An evening without street food?

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka/ Archana’s Kitchen

It’s an evening ritual for us to rush to have amazing street food. Raja Park and nearby places have the best street food. We mapped our way from having the best Paneer Tikkas from RadheShyam Bhatia and had veg rolls from our favorite momo stall by Leela Bhaiya. The super spicy veg roll compelled us to get an ice-cream for our little cousin. All in all, by the time we went home at 8, we were too full for dinner.

We love partying!

Jai'pour Cafe And Bar

Jai’pour Cafe And Bar, jaipur

Yes! We do. Well, who doesn’t? When it comes to the nightlife in Jaipur, there are very limited places. The newly opened Jai’pour Cafe & Bar seemed like a perfect option which stays open till 1 A.M. The first thing you will notice about Jai’pour is how amazingly it has been designed as a rooftop terrace bar and kitchen. Swings, a serene rooftop, eclectic decor, mind blowing grub, lush green environs and Grecian themed bistro, sets this place apart from all the other cafes.

In conclusion, we raised our glasses here to one of the most amazing Sunday The Foodie Panda has spent.

A law student turned food/ fashion blogger owing to the love of food, writing and photography and the *huge disinterest* in studying. Check out @thefoodiepanda on Instagram to tickle your taste buds, @thevoguishpanda for some quick fashion fix.

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