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“Tough times don’t last, Tough people do.”

Ankita Sharma, 25, an unconventional model from Jaipur best explains this idea of her way of living life with the kind of enthusiasm that’s rare and mind boggling. She is a real achiever who just did not acquire in life, but also defined her success story by getting honored as the runner up of MISS INDIA WHEELCHAIR 2017 Pageant.


Ankita receiving her honorable Miss India Wheelchair Runner Up Award.

When life tried to put her down after she met with a tragic accident, she decided to live for herself with every trial that life puts her through. A young lad of 15 years, was left to spend the rest of her life on a wheelchair as she paralyzed her entire lower body. This initially came like a challenge for her, or for anybody as it would, but could never stop her to build her dreams and live for them. In fact, she believes that she is probably standing on her own for all this was just meant to happen. Such is her notion towards leading a happy cheerful life!

In conversation with the Jaipur Diaries, Ankita told us that, more than anything else in life, she wants to become the epitome of inspiration for thousand others whose sufferings are more or less the same like hers. Along with her bright career in modeling, she is also pursuing her graduation in commerce, and talks about studying further. She is indeed associated with the Belgium New York LLC (work from home) and shows up as a high-spirited person with prodigious will power, determination and dedication.

For Ankita, her sisters are her world. They have always supported her throughout, and stood like a backbone in her life. She feels blessed on having such a supportive family, which never limits her to be a high-flyer. Also, she is profoundly thankful towards the Rajasthan media for bringing her in the limelight of readers, and common people.

She is now aspiring towards being a part of the Miss World Wheelchair Pageant 2018. We are so sure that she has miles to go, and wish her good luck for all her future endeavors.

“I need to change the social perception about people with disabilities. Every woman in a wheelchair has the right to feel beautiful and to do what she likes.”-says Ankita.

There is no looking back for her now, and she has her plans clear. She is surely setting an example for the society.

Go Girl! You are a true definition of a doer, and go-getter.