This Metro Station In Jaipur Is Handled By Women Staff Only

We often spot people talking about women empowerment and equal rights to women in our country. But coming across an example of the same is quite rare. Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) just set an extraordinary example of women empowerment and independence.

Things You Need TO KNOW

  • Jaipur Metro has deployed 32 women across the ranks at Shyam Nagar Metro station.
  • The station is now also called `Pratham Mahila Shakti Railway Station’.
  • This is first in the country that an entire metro station is operated by female only staff.
  • From operating the metro to ground staff, cleanliness department and customer support- all of it are handled by women working here.

Women staff would be seen 24 hours across the week carrying out activities such as security, policing, managing train timings, maintenance of tracks, civil structures, etc. Male commuters will also be frisked by women police personnel at the station,” said an official.

why was the step taken?

  • The major step of deploying women-only staff was taken to empower the women and generate employment for them.
  • Also, it is a great platform for women to show the world their mettle.
  •  It will break the myth that women at Metro stations do easier jobs.
  • JMRC has made it a policy to hire as many women as possible; right now 30 percent of its staff are women.

Fun Fact: The first metro in Jaipur was run by a woman on 3rd June 2015.

We believe its a great step taken by the Jaipur Metro and it will set an example for many people out there. Also, it will be a great boost to women to step out of their house and work.

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