5 Trendy Dining Experiences of 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

By Disha Kameldeep

Food.  A simple four lettered word; it has grown more complex and astonishing to encompass varied cooking and serving techniques. Feeling food is the agenda and the methods to achieve it are enthralling and captivating. The following techniques have entranced diners by novel methods while keeping the essence of the food intact.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen Cooking Image: News.com.au

Liquid nitrogen is one of the most spectacular ingredients used in modern cooking. Its ability to freeze food items in an instant has brought a new dimension to food. Eating ice cream is now a more extravagant affair with it being prepared right in front of your eyes with your choice of flavors.

Liquid nitrogen gives the food a misty and magical over turn as it evaporates leaving behind a trail of beautiful white smoke and crystal foods. Not just berries and fruits, but even alcohol is frozen to a solid and placed as a dessert centerpiece wowing the diners all around the world.

Audio Food

Sound of The Sea at The Fat Duck in Berkshire Sound of The Sea at The Fat Duck in Berkshire/ Starchefs.com

Food tastes great not just because of how it looks, but apparently, also because of how it sounds! As if pretty plating wasn’t mesmerizing enough, food plating is also accompanied by audio devices to enhance the tastes and textures and take the diner to the place to where the food belongs.

The most famed dish is the “Sound of the Sea” served at the Fat Duck in Berkshire. It is a seafood platter served to the diners with an iPod in a sea shell, who feel the sea breeze as they listen to the sea gulls and ocean waves. It has taken dining to a whole new level!


Flambe Cooking Image: Hindu Business Online

One of the most dramatic cooking techniques, flambé is the process of igniting alcohol in a hot pan of food which gives off a blue flame and turns heads without fail.

Flambéing food intensifies the flavor of it and has the ability to lock in strong spirits without surfeiting it. Some of the classic flambé dishes include the Bombe Alaska and the Christmas Pudding. Torching food is now a trend spreading like wild fire!

Tea Smoking

Tea Smoked Meat Image: Finecooking.com

Tea smoking is a rather alluring flavoring method which gives food its zest at the heart of it. It entails smoking tea leaves and other spices so as to infuse flavor in meat placed on a wire rack covered with a lid.

The assortments of spices include peppercorn, cardamom, brown sugar and citrus. This not only heaps on taste but also aroma. The meat is engulfed in the tea smoke and the taste is very different from barbecue smoking and grilling.

Disguised Food

Orange Disguised As A Donut Orange Disguised As A Donut/Foobiz

Disguised food has left people dumbfounded as what it appears to be, it certainly isn’t! Disguised food is basically presenting food in forms that they really aren’t. This may be in the form of a cake that doesn’t look like a cake but looks maybe, like a bunch of asparagus or a watermelon that actually looks like a cake.

The fruit platter served might astound the diner as they slice into it, only to find cheese and ham and no actual fruit! It has altered perceptions of food and made devouring much more appealing.

Food, thanks to these few works, has become more dynamic and dignified no less. They help food to tell a story and allow the diner to indulge in the experience in an attempt to divulge the secret of soul food. Search away seekers!

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