5 Unique Gifts Ideas For Valentine’s Day And Where To Get Them

By Priyamvada (@thefoodiepanda)

Love is in the air with Valentine’s day coming up. Most of us are looking for unique gifts to impress our better half, but the gift stores are full of the basic stuff.

Thank God for internet and all the free time we had, we searched for the best gifting options for you. Anyone can get them the basic gifts, but it takes someone who loves you truly to get an amazing personalized gift.

So go, and impress your crush with these gifts and get their heart in return. (Yes, we’re becoming cheesy as V-day is approaching)


Personalized Newspaper For Valentine's Day

Personalized Newspaper For Valentine’s Day

Yes. We’re serious!

A newspaper for your love. A customized newspaper to be precise. Gift them a newspaper featuring articles and pictures of them. You could mention the special days for them and you as a whole in it with pictures of that day. You could also doodle cartoons of them and all this would only make them smile better!

Use your creativity, mix up things and make it as romantic as you can! Moreover you could plan a surprise date for them for the day and drop subtle hints about it in the entire paper.

Get it here : Book Your Gifts

Photo Puzzle

Photo Puzzle For Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Photo Puzzle As A Valentine’s Day Gifting option

Love can be puzzling at times. Gifting these photo puzzles to your crush would help them solve the mystery of who’s been keeping chocolates, roses and teddies on their desk throughout the week better.

Get a cute picture of you guys printed in the form of a jigsaw puzzle and gift it in a box filled with chocolates or rose petals. Let them take their time in completing the puzzle while you get to watch the kid in them.

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a box of……..YOU!

Valentines Day Gift Idea - A Human Box

What Could Be A Better Gift Than You?

Your better half loves you and what could be a better gift for them other than you!

Get a big beautifully decorated box and fill it with helium balloons leaving enough space for you to sit, and holes for you to breathe (they obviously won’t be wanting a passed out you in a box!)

You’ll obviously need help from a bunch of single friends to organize this, because the rest would be busy with their dates.

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Valentines Day Gift Idea - Love Coupon Booklet

Love Coupon Booklet For Your Love

We’re all die heart fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and we remember Joey’s love coupons so well. Why not design your love coupon booklet for your love?

It could contain anything from a coupon to end a fight or an ice-cream treat from your side. These coupons would not only be a great gift for the one you love but you as well.

Furthermore, you can keep their used coupons as a memory as a different story could be associated with each.

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jar cakes and cookie hampers

Jar Cake

Jar Cake/Sugar Hero

What would make someone smile more than food?

Gift your love a jar cake of her favorite flavor and see them savoring it while they tell you how much they love you. Honestly if someone gifted us food, we wouldn’t stop telling them how amazing they are!

There are many options to explore, you could gift them a basket containing various bakery products of their wish or a hamper of cookies of different kinds. They deserve it for all the times they have baked for you, no matter how awful the result would’ve been.

Ditch the regular flower bouquet, get your valentine a bakery bouquet this year!

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