Weekend Getaway: Visit This Village Near Jaipur For the Love of Paper Mache Art

Rajasthan is known for it’s most expressive and pleasant art forms and paintings. While the miniature paintings of Rajasthan are famous worldwide, the Meenakari work is the pride of Jaipur.


Amidst all the famous art forms Rajasthan is known for, is the village near Jaipur, which owns the most skilled artisans and craftsman, creating beautiful sculptures from the Paper-Mache.  We have all tried our hands on Paper Mache art, haven’t we? For most of us, it’s just about creating those pencil holders and small vase. But in Palai, a small village near Jaipur, is a hub of artists who are creating beautiful pieces of art from the Paper Mache.

This village can be a great weekend getaway for those who are interested in art.


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72 Km from Jaipur and 5 Km from Newai, lies this beautiful village, Palai. Besides being an ideal place to enjoy the green luster of nature, this place also holds significance for the art lovers. Lying on the Tonk-Newai road, Palai has developed a stronghold when it comes to rural art and craft development. It is mainly popular as an artist’s hub who visit it to study the process of making stuff out of paper mache.

the unique paper mache art

Paper Mache in Palai Rajasthan

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We all know waste paper and clay mixed together creates a beautiful and ethnic looking pulp known as paper mache. Though most of us have tried our hands on paper mache in our childhood, the artists of this village are a step ahead and create some beautiful furniture too.

Yes, You heard that right!

The foundation of paper mache art, in Palai, was laid by Virendra Kumar Sharma, back in 1986, and since then, there is no looking back. He started paper mache art as a means of livelihood and encouraged other villagers to join hands with him. In no lesser time, his home became an art gallery for the massive collection of art forms. He further expanded this art and involved local artists thus providing their art an exposure. Born in a traditional family of artists, the goal of his life is to conserve the local arts and crafts.

The village of Palai is visited by many film stars and many big personalities for the renowned Virendra Kumar Sharma art & craft studio.

why you should visit?

Paper Mache Furniture

Paper Mache Furniture/harpreetkaurcreative

Of course, for the love of art!

What else?

The Sitaram temple at the top of the Palai hill holds a significant mythological importance and has a beautiful view of the city from the top.

The Bisalpur Dam and Bisalpur temple on the Banas river are known for its magnificent view and is a perfect spot for a picnic.

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